Are you a philosoher in the wild? Yes you are.

Who are The Philosophers in the Wild?

Criteria for Qualifying as a Philosopher in the Wild

Do you have any of the following qualifications? (Listed in order of increasing likelihood.)

  • You have a Philosophy degree of any kind (Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D).
  • You have a Minor in Philosophy.
  • You took at least one philosophy class in High School or College (and enjoyed it).
  • You read at least one book or even an article about philosophy (and enjoyed it).
  • AND you are NOT currently engaged in Professional or Academic Philosophy in any form. (Sorry Professors and published authors!)

If you meet ANY of the above criteria CONGRATULATIONS! You are a Philosopher in the Wild.

Can anyone else be a Philosopher in the Wild?

Yes. You don’t even have to have to meet the “formal” criteria requirements listed above to be a Philosopher in the Wild. Here’s why: If you have read my story and my mission, you would already know that I believe that everyone has the potential to be a philosopher.

In case you haven’t read that yet, I’ll summarize: I believe that most people are already philosophers at heart but just don’t have many opportunities to explore this side of themself because the “real world” often does not encourage big-picture thinking and curiosity. In fact, many of our modern-day conveniences, technologies, and daily schedules actively encourage the opposite type of mindset by spoon-feeding us news stories and social media posts that aim to boil everything down into false dichotomies, sound bites, and memes.

But I know (or at least I hope) that there are still many of us out there who still aim to think critically, independently, and deeply about issues (and about life in general). And if you are this type of person (despite the world by which we are surrounded), you are part of the community of noble creatures who are lost in the wilderness of the world, and who are trying to find their way in the savage wild.

This means YOU (yes, I really mean you, the reader) are a Philosopher in the Wild.

Are you interested in joining up with fellow Philosophers in the Wild? And/or are you interested in learning how to maximize the real-world value of your philosophical skill-set? Read more about our Philosophers In The Wild Community Group here.






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