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Increasing Your Productivity with Time Blocking and Daily Planning

The search for the perfect calendar tool

In an attempt to regain control of my hectic schedule (who can’t relate to that?), I recently went on a quest to figure out if there is a calendar and/or task management tool that lines up with what I need. I tried several free tools (like those that come built-in to the software and cloud tools I already use, such as Office’s calendar and task tools, and Google’s similar tools); and I also did several trials of some paid and “freemium” calendar and task tools.

After several weeks of using the tools and exploring, I found one tool that rose above the rest, and it is a calendar and time-blocking tool that I had previously never heard of (and that’s why I wanted to tell all of you about it). The tool is called: Sunsama.

They offer a free trial (try it for yourself!), and I encourage you to use the tool and see if you experience the benefits I list below. To me, these benefits are worth every penny of the $20/mo subscription.

Here is a link to the tool. Please use this link or the button below if you end up trying this tool as a result of reading this article – doing so benefits me personally, and it costs nothing more to you if you use it. (Thank you!)

The Benefits that I’ve Experienced From Using Sunsama

Improved productivity: Time blocking allows you to allocate specific blocks of time for different tasks or activities. By visually organizing your day and setting clear time boundaries for each activity, you can enhance your focus and productivity. Sunsama provides a structured framework that helps you stay on track and complete tasks efficiently.

Enhanced time management: Time blocking helps you gain a better understanding of how you spend your time. With Sunsama, you can plan your day in advance, allocate time for important tasks, and avoid overcommitting yourself. By having a visual representation of your schedule, you can identify potential time gaps and optimize your time management.

Reduced distractions: One of the main advantages of time blocking is the ability to minimize distractions. When you allocate specific time blocks for particular activities, you can set aside dedicated periods to concentrate on your work without interruptions. Sunsama can serve as a reminder of your commitments and assist you in staying focused on your planned tasks.

Increased accountability: Sunsama allows you to assign specific tasks or activities to different time blocks. This helps you create a sense of accountability as you have a clear plan and timeline for completing each task. By visualizing your schedule and tracking your progress, you can hold yourself more accountable and strive to meet your goals.

Better work-life balance: Time blocking can aid in achieving a healthier work-life balance. By allocating time blocks for both work-related and personal activities, you can ensure that you dedicate time to essential areas of your life beyond work. Sunsama can assist you in creating a balanced schedule that accommodates your professional and personal commitments.

Stress reduction: With Sunsama’s time-blocking features, you can proactively plan and organize your day, which can help alleviate stress. By breaking down your tasks into manageable blocks of time, you can reduce the feeling of overwhelm and approach your work in a more structured manner. This can lead to a greater sense of control and reduce stress levels.

Improved focus and concentration: By segmenting your day into focused time blocks, Sunsama enables you to concentrate on one task at a time. This can improve your ability to enter a state of flow and maintain a higher level of focus. With reduced multitasking and clear time boundaries, you can optimize your cognitive resources and enhance your overall performance.

Is Sunsama Right for You?

Remember that while Sunsama and other time-blocking tools can provide significant benefits, the effectiveness ultimately depends on how well you utilize the tool and commit to the time-blocking practice. One of the best features of the tool is how it gently encourages you to do a daily planning (and shutdown) ritual. I have now used the tool itself to help remind me to do these things, (and it works fantastically!).

Will you try out Sunsama? At least use their trial? If you end up trying or using the tool (again, please remember to use the link or button on this page), I’d love to hear about your experience with it in the comments below.

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