Hello, I am

Benett Bootz

Blogger, Business Philosopher, Website Design and Development Consultant, and Digital Entrepeneur

  • I believe that everyone has a “deep” side to them. However, often we don’t allow ourselves to express or share this part of ourselves with others.
  • I believe if you unleash the power of your inner philosopher you can find your true, authentic self.

My Story and Mission

I believe in the importance of seeking answers to life’s big questions and following a path of authenticity – even though this type of activity is often viewed as pointless or impractical. This idea has been a major thread in my life – even in the very early stages of my education and career training. In fact, while I was a first-year college student I decided to follow this idea and buck against the norm of the “practical” in a very dramatic way in my own life: I changed my major from Engineering to a Double Major in Physics and Philosophy. Then, after receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Philosophy. Talk about impractical!

How well did these decisions serve me? About as well as one might expect. (Hint: Not great, especially from an economic standpoint).

In a nutshell, I spent six and a half years diving deeply into physics textbooks and philosophical works – exposing my mind to some of humankind’s loftiest (and often non-fully answered) BIG questions, such as: Who are we? Why are we here? How did the Universe begin? And is there meaning and purpose
within the Universe?
– only to be rewarded with years of financial struggle and career uncertainty.

While I was a graduate student (and for a short time after), I was at least able to make use of my Philosophical and Academic credentials as an Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy at several different Community Colleges near the area where I lived.

Did I positively impact the lives of some of my students during my several-year tenure as an instructor? I like to think so. But was I also flat broke and exhausted as I tried to eke out a living by teaching courses at three different institutions at the same time (spread around a 60-mile radius)?

Of course I was.

So after a few years of teaching, I decided to try my luck in the “real world.”

Fast forward to many years later, and I have gained a ton of real-world experience with several different successful companies (and “real world” jobs), I am now married, and have a family. Needless to say – at this stage of my life I am now a master of many things “practical” – such as keeping a family budget, maintaining a home, and I have also honed a wide variety of skills in the business world.

Is that curious and eager young student of Physics and Philosophy still somewhere within me? I believe so – but for many years I have pushed that part of myself inward and given practical concerns a higher priority.

But I also believe that my somewhat unorthodox mix of both the practical and the impractical makes me a somewhat unique breed of Philosopher: I am A Real World Philosopher (hmm… perhaps I should trademark that???). Demonstrating to the world what that means is one of my main motivating reasons for creating this website.

So my goal with this site is to create content that is philosophical – yet relatable, and also practical – yet thoughtful; somehow all rolled into one highly unique and (hopefully) enjoyable ball of wax. I hope that the content here will encourage you to keep on learning, keep asking big questions, and help you learn to be authentic to yourself.

So stick around for an article or two – I hope you’ll find something that resonates with where you are in your life.

All opinions on this site are my own, and in true philosophical fashion, I encourage you to agree, disagree, or simply scratch your head in confusion. Comments and conversations are welcome (so long as they are topical), and you can also reach out to me directly through the contact methods on this website.